Digital Bonds AI

With Digital Bonds AI, discover a new way to issue and invest in corporate bonds. Our platform offers seamless, 24/7 access to bond issuance and trading, leveraging advanced AI to ensure secure and profitable investments.

Digital Bonds AI

At Digital Bonds AI, we are revolutionizing the way corporate bonds are issued and traded. Our mission is to provide every company in the world with access to a range of financial instruments that were previously unavailable to them, fostering economic growth and innovation.

Founded by a team of financial and technology experts, Digital Bonds AI aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance and modern technology.

Our Mission

To democratize access to corporate bonds and provide innovative financial solutions for SMEs and investors.

Our Vision

To become the leading platform for bond issuance and trading enabling, recognized for our transparency, efficiency, and reliability.

The Problem

Traditionally, corporate bonds are:




The Results

Outdated and low standards of bond issue services. Small issuers excluded from the market due to high costs. Low demand for secondary market bonds.

Our product solves problems of many SMEs and investors

Our product - an interactive platform that facilitates the entire lifecycle of bond issuance and management.

The ultra-modern platform for issuing corporate bonds

Our Solution

The ultra-modern platform for issuing corporate bonds

Up to 90% costs reduction

Reliable and transparent

Super fast and legal

The Results

Enhanced services for current issuers.
Expanding market access for small issuers.

Digital Bonds AI Platform

How our platform works and how we keep it secure?

Digitalization and management of legal documents

Web application to manage the entire process

Financial data sourced from authorized sources

Backend integrations with AML / KYC providers, payment gateways, wallets, blockchain networks

Secondary market trading platform

AI Risk Management - calculate the probability of issuer default

We provide technical platform; integrate 3rd party solutions with smart contracts.

We do not hold client assets – we use external wallets, distributed storage.

Our Team

Krzysztof Piech, PhD (CEO)

Prof. of economics, leading Polish expert on blockchain.

Piotr Majka 


Bond trader, former deputy CEO of 
a brokerage house.

Kamil Marczak

Quant. finance, Big4, banking supervision, backend dev, Solidity.

Marcin Stebakow

(Rating Analyst)

Bond broker, 
Polish top bond valuation expert.

The founders of Digital Bonds AI are Polish experts with proven track records in:

Finance (securities brokers, university education)

Regulations (lawyers, financial supervision

Company management (C-level, startups)

IT (AI, blockchain, smart contracts, IT programming)

Our Partners

Leading European IT company

Best startup accelerator in Europe

ESG compliance
We help provide digital Green and Municipal Bonds

We fight with financial exclusion through providing SMEs with access to financial markets.

Examples of Digital and Green bonds:

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